Aug 25, 2011

Using WP7 Profiler

Windows Phone 7 SDK RC add exciting new feature to developers. After installed new developer tools I noticed Microsoft Windows Phone 7.1 Profiler in About menu of Visual studio 2010 for Windows Phone. Quick Googling give no results, but everything more easy than can looks.

Open Your WP7 project and look into Debug menu. You will see disabled (probably not) menu item Start Windows Phone Performance Analysis

To enable this item You have to switch Your project target from Windows Phone 7.0 to 7.1 in Project -> Properties menu. So if Your application targeted current market, you have to make project clone prior profiling, cause You cannot switch back to 7.0.

When application targeted Mango You can open profiler. Choose options and click hyperlink Launch Application.

After working with application click Stop Profiling. After analysis You will see profiling results. Select timeline and it shows details.

Update: Finally found MSDN Page, describing WP7 Profiler

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