Nov 6, 2010

MSI wrapper for any installer using Wix

Last time we make windows installer package using MakeMsi compiler. Now we will make same using Wix. Wix is XML based setup compiler for Windows Installer format.
We will make simpliest as possible setup package wrapping existing installer, InnoSetup for example.
First we need make directory tree, required element is TARGETDIR Directory
<Directory Id='TARGETDIR' Name='SourceDir'>
Inside we will describe temporary folder for wrapped package
<!-- temp folder -->
<Directory Id='TempFolder'>
   <Component Id='my_setup' 
        <File Id="mysetup_exe" Source="mysetup.exe" /> 

Nov 5, 2010

Make MSI from InnoSetup installer

Last time my company customers ask for installer in Windows Installer MSI format. Company product is complex system, containing thousands of files and plenty of tasks. It cannot be quickly ported to other installer system. But result need to be ASAP.

Windows installer is complex product too, and even Microsoft itself make open source XML based project Wix to simplify tasks. Other good project is MakeMsi, used simply text files to describe tasks.