Apr 30, 2011

Easy Localize WPF Application via Visual Studio Template


Localizing a WPF application is not an easy task. Almost any article on the localization of WPF is replete with details and manual steps toimplementation a localized application.

Existing solutions

Localization using the utility LocBaml are described in the localization of Microsoft has lots of advantages, but difficult to maintain. André van heerwaarde in his article proposed to simplify this decision by the configured build step. He wrote an utility to merge the translated text fragments. However, in his article, still many manual steps.

Visual Studio Project Template

I propose to use a Localized WPF Application template, I've created to start working on a multilingual WPF application. Project created using this template already contains all the necessary tools for localization, as well as the maximum automates the localization process.
During application development, you add a new XAML file without having to worry about localization. Upon completion of the changes simply build project.